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Interview with Michael Pritchett

Interview with Michael Pritchett, Executive Chair of Redbridge Chamber of Commerce

Interview conducted by Michelle Harris

Michael is the current executive chair of Redbridge Chamber of Commerce. Under his leadership and together with the Chamber’s executive team, RCC continues to grow and is now an essential dynamic between local businesses and multiple institutions including the London Borough of Redbridge Council.

What inspired you to join the Redbridge Chamber of Commerce and what was your first leadership experience?

 After leaving school, I was offered an incredible opportunity to supervise a team of highly experienced warehouse personnel in a high-end ladies fashion house. It was important for me to understand the team’s perspective and for them to feel comfortable with my leadership. At first it was difficult because I was considerably younger than them but over time, they respected my approach and it worked extremely well. After two years and regular promotional opportunities, training and management experience, I decided to set-up my own business.

I assume you were looking for more challenges?

Absolutely. When you have your own company, you are able to make all the corporate decisions and I wanted to experiment, use my own particular style of management to see if it could be developed into a successful business entity. Obviously, setting up your own business can be frightening, but it can also be extremely rewarding. 

Kemp Services is certainly a great success story.

Looking back now, I am grateful although at the time, I did not fully understand or appreciate the importance of a regular salary at the end of the month.

Especially in the last few years, I think a lot of company owners have been bitten by recent unexpected circumstances, uncertainty and a volatile economic climate.

Agreed – times are difficult but fortunately, I have been able to ride these last few storms. I therefore am keen to share my lessons with other business owners rather than they personally or professionally, experience situations that could be avoided. I had a lot of support when I started and it feels ethical to now help others.

And I assume that’s why you joined the Redbridge Chamber of Commerce?

Helping and advising, aspiring entrepreneurs is extremely rewarding. It is very empowering through the RCC to have a ‘voice’ when decisions are being made by others that can affect your own success and viability. I enjoyed being part of the RCC as a member – being invited and elected to be the executive chair is one of my career highlights. 

Do you recommend local business should join RCC?

Absolutely. For a nominal fee, you have access to a wealth of support, educational seminars, ability to liaise with other company owners, powerful networking and business opportunities. There are monthly events which are worthwhile, interesting and productive.

And this can all be done online via your website? 

Yes but if anybody would like to discuss, they can always email me direct and we can set-up a conversation.

Membership is either gold or silver dependent upon the number of employees. 

For more information and to join the Redbridge Chamber of Commerce, please contact

Michael can be reached via email: /

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